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Κράτα μικρό καλάθι-Hold a small basket

DSC_0103ps2Once a year, and always in springtime, our little village has a new supply of baskets delivered at its very threshold. In fact we hold off buying baskets throughout the year knowing that when the time comes we can order on the spot any quantity, shape and size of weaving. DSC_0024psDSC_0033 1otvDSC_0008otvDSC_0051 1otvIt is usually this same couple of gypsies who settled in Northern Greece  and come to stay in our South-west corner for a couple of days taking requests, bargaining and selling out at the end.DSC_0083otvThe baskets are weaved from slender branches of willow tree which are used whole or split into 3 pieces…DSC_0451psotvAt first a cross is made and around the cross the weaving begins…DSC_0171psotvDSC_0169otvthe branches are passed by water so they regain their initial elasticity…DSC_0010 1otv…and then “weave & smoke” pattern begins… DSC_0415otvand it all ends with some lough and more smoke…DSC_0072sDSC_0080otvDSC_0088psotv

P.S. Looking at these extra large baskets I recalled a Greek saying “When you hear of many cherries, hold a small basket.” but still left with those largest ones…


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