My Messinia



Welcome to my blog *”My Messinia / Life in an olive tree valley”.

This is a blog about Messinia and ideas and activities which can create an alert and wholesome life while reflecting upon nature, nature of things and olive trees!

My name is Klaudia Delmer.

I live in an olive tree grove in Messinia, a region which is a part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. Ignoring the municipal and regional names and boundaries I nicknamed this area “olive tree valley”, as for centuries, or rather thousands of years, the olive trees have been dominating the local landscape. It appears as if the whole area belongs to them.

8  years have passed since I moved here with my husband and our children. Before that my everyday life has been exclusively linked to big cities: Warsaw, Madrid, New York City and Athens.

The breathtaking beauty of the natural and serene environment of the olive tree valley and my rich family life next to our 4 small children have inspired me to begin this blog so I can:

  • Explore in depth and present to you my neighborhood…i.e. the olive tree valley of course!

(We usually tend to undermine what is around us at the time as opposed to the places which we visit as tourists which we vigorously explore)

  • Write about the olive tree, the master of the olive tree valley
  • “Rethink” the world: to reflect deeper on issues that have been poking me all my life: society structures, behaviors and everyday beliefs which we inherit and propagate without reflecting upon their validity meanwhile many of those habitual beliefs are really the ones who hold the society and the individuals back as they are not what they profess.

… And more so,

There are a few other “artsy” subjects you might find on this blog as my background is very much about music and the arts.

I am a classically trained singer (New School for Social Research-Mannes The New School for Music, NYC) who turned into crossover and ethnic sounds when the first opportunity arose. My recording career started in Greece  with my first personal album “Ainola”. Since then I have recorded and participated in many Greek albums: traditional to rock. My last personal album “La Mar – the ways of the sea” was born from my love for Greek and Spanish poetry and the sea.

I have been the Artistic Director of the Icarus Festival for Dialogue Between Cultures on the Aegean island of Ikaria from 2006 till 2012. The festival which is still happening embraces all kinds of artistic expression music, theater, film and visual arts.ABOUT2_small

Here in Messinia I have worked on conceptualizing and then materialising the Messinian Authenticity Program for Costa Navarino, so I had to, and really loved to, immerge myself in the local culture and observe the very nature of the area so to create original activities for the visitors. This gave birth to series of events such as Songs around the Table, Symposium, Astronomy Nights, Storytelling etc.

I have met many interesting and inspiring people who helped me in the process who will be definitely introduced to you promptly.

So all of the above inevitably leads me to

  • Writing about the Greek music and culture: current and past, well known and yet undiscovered

And as a person who does not easily forget the wonders of my other homelands and who is always astonished by the diversity of the world I will also venture on

  •  Writing about cultures, lifestyles, cuisines and designs which fascinate me

I hope to make friends throughout the process, learn more about the subjects that concern me and give you an honest picture of what the olive tree valley is about.

*Initially this blog could be found under the domain name but currently I am building a travel/culture site under that address and the blog has a new domain at