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and…Playful Driftwood

Driftwood has interesting form and texture so it gives a great background for coloring…abstract or patterned, painted, wrapped, knitted…
Eureka! I have just found a use for all these cute socks my kids just devastate within a day of wear…Instead of throwing them or keeping them hoping that I can make something cute out of them in the future I will just wrap them around a driftwood!6771d4ca0b71065ed7d6b1dbd64edea96aa2c708bf32e8e0aee6d1a32f7986cc f7e3b56f5ee25fa927ee98bc436e09697ea4e0554dc665e3d7fadef9bc41aa46IMG_7882e6ced7df1cfc11044ca24641d4bc451f1bb76dc27e97029989fe4d255dfb2b75jevo_driftwood_monster_jaques_hochMy sources:
1. driftwood monster 2. branch weaving 5. mobile with feathers 6. jewelry board 7. boats 8. vase with driftwood 9. One more friendly monster from JEVO

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