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Antiques Baazar in Kyparissia&Greek Revival

SAMSUNG CSCAntiques fairs are a common phenomenon in many countries yet, in Greece which judging by its lively characteristics leads you to believe that such fairs would be a frequent practice they are very scarce. Finding a “brocante” outside of metropolitan areas is not so easy since only the biggest Greek cities, Athens and Thessaloniki organize recurring flea markets.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCIt is then surprising to learn that the only fair of antiques outside of the metropolitan area in Greece takes place in the town of Kyparissia in Messinia. It is organized every year in August by the Municipality of Tryfilia and Organization for Protection and Preservation of the Old Town of Kyparissia. The vendors’ stands with artifacts coming from all parts of Greece are set along the most picturesque passage of the Old Town of Kyparissia called Megalo Kalderimi (which literally means big path). This old stone paved road is about 3 km long and 20 metres wide being a perfect stage for the fair. Throughout the years this important cultural event has became a tradition. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC The visit to the bazaar is also an opportunity of getting to know the Old Town of Kyparissia, a settlement dating 4000 years. The most recent layer of the architecture in the Old Town belongs to the end of the 18th century and the prevailing then Greek Revival or Neoclassical style. This style which has been directly inspired by the ancient architecture of Greece has been developed outside of Greece, after the end of the Greek War of Independence in 1832 and the liberation from the Ottomans, when traveling and study of the original ancient architecture in Greece became possible for the foreigners. With a newfound access to Greece, or initially the books produced by the few who had actually been able to visit the sites, archaeologist-architects of the period studied the Doric and Ionic orders. In each country it touched, the style was looked on as the expression of local nationalism and civic virtue. This was especially the case in Britain, Germany and the United States, where the idiom was regarded as being free from ecclesiastical and aristocratic associations. Doubtless to say it has been readopted in Greece, its progenitor. The style has become so extremely popular that it was applied not only to grandiose public buildings and residences but also to humble households, farms and furniture designs.

A good example of a design brought back from the ancient times is that of the graceful klismos chair which made its grand comeback in the 19th century and has been affirmed as one of the most influential and successful furniture designs of all time with its rounded backrest, a vertical splat and curved and tapered legs.Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 11.01.56 AMMany interesting and unusual items can be discovered at the Antiques Bazaar…carrying reminiscences of the complicated multifaceted Greek history…SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC…submerging the visitor into a specific atmosphere… SAMSUNG CSC…under the heartwarming summer sunsets… SAMSUNG CSC

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