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Autumn in Vangelis Rinas’ studio

Vangelis Rinas' studio space

Vangelis Rinas’ studio space

I came across some wonderful images coming from one artist’s studio and home presented on Design Sponge and frankly I got slightly envious about the patterns and creative “mess” etched in the interiors as if the traces of the paintings long gone from the studio still lingered on in all the spaces. studio-full-room-shot-1000x1500 vintage-upholstered-chair--1000x1500 desk-1000x1500These interiors must smell of oil paint…and I do love this smell… then I remembered the many times I have visited the inspiring studio of one of the greatest contemporary artists in Greece and luckily also my very good friend Vangelis Rinas. His studio comes really close to what my dream home could look like with its extra high ceiling space and a loft bedroom area, a small kitchenette and most important the constant influx of new born works of art. These images correspond to the the period when we also collaborated on my video clip which was filmed in his studio. I would like to share with you some of those great moments and images…with autumnal colors and the internal sea.

Photographs from “Atermon Plevsi II”- “Endless Sailing II” Exhibition of Vangelis RinasDSCF3841mmDSCF3422mmDSCF3838mmDSCF3420Video clip from my album “El Mar/La Mar-The sea ways” with music by the prolific Mimis Plessas (Happy Nameday today!!!) filmed in Vangelis’ studio and with participation of both of these great artists.



More images from Vangelis’ studioDSCF0283mmDSCF0335mmDSCF0330mmEven the haphazard patterns on the studio floors look so interesting!!!DSCF0274mmDSCF0309mmDSCF0318mm

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