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Cleaning “vromoneri” beach

  SAMSUNG CSCRemember the post about the winter walks in search of precious driftwood? Well, the sea brings treasures but also trash to the shores. Every year around this time the 1st Gargalianoi preschool organizes at least one get-together beach cleaning. This time the goal was to clean the “Vromoneri” beach ( vromoneri literally means “stinking water” and which in this case is actually its very good feature as the spring waters which reach the beach smell odd because they are oiamatic and not… dirty. Even the kids know that! Luckily the “stinking water” beach was not trashed and as the noon sun started to scotch us many of the happy cleaners had their first spring swim in the sea.
SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCThrough this annual action I have finally had a chance to mention in this blog the 1st Gargalianoi Preschool and I can describe the experience of attending this school from the parent point of view.
It all starts from the 3 amazing teachers who run the 2 year state preschool education program: Litsa, Tota and Mariangela ( or as my oldest son used to call her “Margalena”). There is just no words to describe the effort, care and fantasy they put into educating the children. Everyday at that school is charged with meaning and invention! Theater education, crafts, playtime are all maximized in their potential and all is done with outmost taste, measure, depth and sensitivity. The two large classrooms where the children spend their time, from early morning till noon or 16:00 depending if they attend the half day or full day care are adorned with beautiful projects, made by children mostly from recycled materials which are relevant to historical or traditional celebrations, season, current issues and overall education such as knowledge of nature, history and geography, art and ethics. Many efforts are taken by the teachers and the Parent Association to provide the classrooms and the school yard with supplies beyond the very basic or even less then basic things the state itself could provide for many years now.
When I enter these two spaces where the children dwell I face a proof that invention and effort are far more exciting then a ready given situation (of course as long as the efforts do not have to be over human and do not consume the time and energy necessary for creation). “Magic can happen here”…this is what I read between the lines at the 1st Gargalianoi Preschool.
Needless to say I have one more huge reason to truly rejoice for my life in the olive tree valley!SAMSUNG CSC

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