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Coastal Easter Bazaar in Marathopolis

DSC_0552kdMarathopolis is a unique fishing village in the broad area of Western Messinia coast with the next fishing outlets being two distant towns of Koroni and Kyparissia. It is situated across from the island of Proti. DSC_0268kdDSC_0549kdAs Easter will come soon many preparations are already taking place in the village such as voluntary cleaning of the streets, whitewashing of the yards, flower planting etc…as well as craft oriented activities aimed for the Easter Bazaar. DSC_0309otvNext to the universal symbols of Easter such as bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers many of these handmade creations are related to the location and the history of Marathos…DSC_0465kd…thus nautical themes : fish, octopus, boats, anchors and pirates are present!DSC_0494otvDSC_0453kdDSC_0499ckdMany variations of adorned candles called “lambada” which are lit during the midnight Service of the Resurrection. These special are often given as gifts to children from their parents or God-parents. These candles can be lavishly decorated with favorite children’s heroes or storybook characters, and may be as much as three feet tall, but the candle itself is usually white. They are only used for one Easter midnight service. DSC_0245kdDSC_0254kdDSC_0242cokdThe Bazaar is organized by the Cultural Association of Marathopolis on Sunday, April 9 in the yard of the association’s headquarters at the Old School building in the very heart of the village. DSC_0349kdDSC_0283kdDSC_0279kdDSC_0335kdThe items sold at the bazaar are exclusively made by the women of Marathoupolis and the funds gathered will support further activities of the Association.DSC_0373kdDSC_0389kd I have recently become a member of the Association and I am very excited about our future projects which aim to enhance the everyday life in Marathos for the inhabitants and visitors and preserve the cultural heritage of the area.

Happy Easter to Everone!!!!

and Welcome to Marathopolis!!!DSC_0342kd

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