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Ephemeris XL-The touch of sunset

No matter where you are and with whom you are the setting sun makes at least half an hour of any day simply magical…If you apply this thought to life… things and events appear different depending in which light you look at them…from what angle…so your life can be cloudy and rainy..(which has it own demure charm if you like dark things)…or it can be shimmering in a golden sunset light like the most precious jewel of all….or you can think about everyday as a reflection of the skies which change constantly and accept that the nature of all things is made just like that.

That day we drove to visit some dear friends in Messinian Mani arriving just before sunset…our first meeting took place among olive trees on a sunlit plateau, it was us, them and the gentlest mare you have ever seen.

DSC_0113cotvDSC_0060otvDSC_0164otvIt took us a while to go indoors…DSC_0146otvDSC_0114cotv


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