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Ephemeris XXXIII-When you don’t have to chose

DSC_0463otv DSC_0468otv …I was not alone on the mole of Marathoupoli. There was also a couple gazing intensely at the skies and a sole fisherman looking attentively at the sea surface. A vivid double rainbow appeared for a moment leaving a tail which lingered on for a while…DSC_0506odotv…and then the skies and the sea filled with this same glowing hue…and you did not have to chose between them anymore… DSC_0518otv DSC_0525otv DSC_0529ccotv DSC_0541otv

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  1. NikosNikosN beautiful nice’re an angel..keep on the good work…

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Thank you…I am simply a humble recipient of the beauty which surrounds me here in Messinia


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