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Ephemeris XXXIX-Art of misplacing

Some reflections about visual arts as I am looking at the sunset skies and the beach with a misplace object (a torn tire) …

  1. It is undeniable that the prominent “technique” which constitutes simultaneously the body of work for contemporary visual art is merely about misplacing objects or putting objects out of context. 
  2. It is divisive rather then integrating…
  3. It should be called conceptual play rather then conceptual art…as you play with concepts often without a presence or an ability of creating art and  at this same time this conceptual play has its own value  in evoking reflections and it  can be very stimulating, creative and fun!!!
  4. Art happens when you transcend craftsmanship…(craftsmanship is a fundamental element of art)
  5. When in doubt I try to “translate” what I see into other art disciplines…mostly music…   




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