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Animal farming within the olive tree valley color palette

This is a color palette from my brief visit to the olive grove enclosing the city of Kyparissia from the sea front…DSC_0047 1otvMany thousand-year old olive trees can be admired here and little animal farms and vegetable gardens are scattered here and there…the animals which are are predominantly raised are chickens, sheep and goats…some pigs and very rarely cattle…DSC_0948otvDSC_0813otvDSC_0988otvI took a little break from daily routine shores and drove into the grove paths just to have a look at some old trees but as I found two goats grazing among two beautiful aged olive trees I started photographing them…DSC_0853psotvDSC_0706otvDSC_0913psotv…and after a while their owner kirios Giorgos emerged from a nearby farm house tolling a steer to the grove….DSC_0838otvDSC_0882otvHe immediately showed his bafflement at me photographing the goat…saying…”so many photographs of a goat???” but soon enough was showing me around his family’s farm… DSC_0750otvDSC_0060 1otvAll these beautiful roads  eventually take you back to Kyparissia…

DSC_0125 1otv…or to a boat…DSC_0090 1psotvand then to the sea…DSC_0227 1otv


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