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Alice in Christmas Wonderland

1917d8ba6d2ca553277c9876f07b4ff756b0fc1409eadac661e3d733f6e5fa93Discover the wonderland of Alice Mary Lynch and her handmade dolls. This Christmas season Alice has collaborated with Anthropologie creating decorations and toys. Her dolls are dreamy, tender and festive… “dolled up” in a romantic, unexpected and whimsical way very much as if they came out from the “Alice in the Wonderland” tale.36585339_017_b10

I have gotten the information below directly from her website….”I love imagination and humour, people who have their feet on the ground whilst dreaming, the poetry in everyday life. I like a certain vulnerability whilst standing strong, 1930’s cabaret, dark shiny and mad, and silent films. I like the circus, the colours when the lights go down, the trapeze artist making an entrance. I like it behind the scenes, there are stories there too, and toys and childhood and history on our doorstep.”36587780_011_b10

Growing up in Somerset with artist parents, Kate and James Lynch, Alice scoured fleamarkets with a magpie’s instinct for curiosities to inhabit her fairytale world.
She trained in Fashion Design at Kingston University, London, then worked as a designer in Paris for John Galliano, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel.  She honed her craft in their studios full of stitching, beading and embellishment and thrived in the theatre of their catwalk shows.

After nine years in Paris, Alice recently moved back to Somerset, where she now lives with her Japanese husband and their two small children.

She dedicates her time to making these whimsical characters which she brings to life in her Somerset studio from vintage textiles and treasures. They are often framed in glazed boxes and hung as icons on the walls, heirlooms for the future.20140403-105331

Each doll is armoured with glass beads, crystals and talismen, glittering little warriors who watch out for us in the real world. Hovering between the human and animal world, they tell stories of cabaret sparkle and the strangeness of nature.

Alice has made masks and costumes for music videos and short films. Her dolls have been commissioned by designers and private patrons throughout the world and exhibited in boutiques and galleries in Paris, London and Somerset. Recent clients inlude Alice Temperley, Anya Hindmarch, Victoria Beckham and Marwood London.
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  1. Nancy Priestley

    These are totally stunning

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      They are so dreamy!

  2. Kathaleen Phuma

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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