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I have been always in such an awe of the olive trees’ outlines and shapes that I had rarely paid attention to the textures of the wood itself…only once before I entered the body of an ancient olive tree and this was for a brief moment as that tree grows in a public space in Kalamata…but here in the olive tree valley there are still many ancient fruit bearing trees which have hollowed out with the pass of canturies leaving a spacious void in their center.

The patterns within the inner husk of the tree can be hypnotizing keeping you captivated for hours…

DSC_0253πσοτωDuring the winter season the timber folds are further adorned with mossy patina created by humidity and with fallen ripe olives and leaves, cut during harvesting, all caught in the trunk’s cavities. DSC_0340psotvDSC_0243psotvDSC_0332psotv…Looking at those patterns brings to mind many thoughts about life, birth, perseverance, routine, cycles, maternity, tranquility.. DSC_0493otvlHere you can see photos from a tree which has been living close to the town of Filiatra for at least 1000 years.DSC_0358psotvDSC_0238otvI have spent some time reading next and on this tree which from high above looks like the most beautiful exotic flower….DSC_0491psotvI still have to find the best way to  capture the intricacy which makes up for the serene beauty these trees emanate…DSC_0346psotvDSC_0290πσοτωDSC_0270otvDSC_0347psotv

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