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Greece…a sea surrounded by land

DSC_0277otvA few weeks ago I flew over a part of the Aegean Sea looking at the many islands underneath and guessing their names…I have visited most of them while concertizing…Again I came to a simple recognition about Greece, the realisation which at some point have inspired me to venture on a musical project-a Greek/Spanish lyrics album entitled La mar-Dromoi tis Thalassas (Ways of the sea) along with a legend Greek composer Mimis Plessas and here I will quote my prologue note to the album…(adding two links to the album’s songs here…El Mar La Mar and Dromoi tis Thalassas)DSC_0304otv

“La mar…amar…. sea and love in one word…


I grew up away from the sea: in Warsaw, an inland city which, however, has a mermaid for its symbol and in Madrid where I was intrigued by the sea in an imaginary painting of a woman standing at α window and gazing at sea, depicted in Ernesto Sabato’s book “The Tunel”.  Few years later I encountered this same image in a friend’s house who in his turn introduced me to Alvaro Mutis’ books.

This happened in Attica, in Greece; a country that is not, as it usually happens, a land 

surrounded by sea, but it is a sea surrounded by land. And here in Greece I came to know it and to love it.  

Anybody who learns the sea in this very place is lucky. However I am more than lucky as I am singing it with the luminous and enlightened melodies of Mimis Plessas….”DSC_0319otv

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