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Greek tzatziki meets Polish chilled beet soup

SAMSUNG CSCMany dishes across the world are born from this same brilliant combinations of ingredients…

one of the common dishes on our rather international table is the Polish chilled beet soup which is tasty, refreshing and nutritious. It is very popular with our Greek friends and family as it reminds in flavor the ultra traditional tzatziki. It is practically tzatziki in liquid form with some extra beets and kefir instead of yogurt. Our soup is served today on joyous headlines about a recent opera recital, with two excellent musicians, the soprano Mirto Papathanasiou and the pianist/composer Christos Papagieorgiou, which opened the 74th season for the National Opera of Greece and which also aimed to raise awareness and revenues for the funding of  “Maria Kallas Opera Academy” in a building where “la Divina” once lived in Athens.SAMSUNG CSC

It is interesting to mention another home of Maria Kallas (alias Kallogeropoulou-a very popular name in the Peloponnese), her native family home located in the little town of Niohori in Messinia, not far from the town of Meligalas. Unfortunately what is left now of her family house are just a few crumbled stone walls. I am cutting short this article as I already, after only a few sentences, mixed tzatziki and Maria Kallas in one post…

Now…Let’s cook or rather let’s mix our ingrediants…


400ml of kefir or buttermilk
1-2 boiled beets
1-2 cucumbers
red wine vinegar-1 tablespoon
garlic-1 clove


  • Grate beets and cucumbers and mix them with kefir
  • Add minced garlic and vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to tasteSAMSUNG CSC

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