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Growing up with olive trees-Natural playgrounds

Last year around this same time at the beginning of March we knew that we are having our 4th baby. We were already dreaming for a while about getting an outdoor playground set for our 3 children but with the 4th child on its way we almost felt that creating such an outdoor space is a necessity of sorts. First we looked around for ready made sets but they were ridiculously expensive and not that inticing.

We also tried to imagine how a playground set like that will look in a few years when it is little run down and again we were discouraged by this vision. We wanted to create something which could use elements of our garden in a wholesome way. We started off creating a typical tire swing, with ropes…but it was not working…then we used chains for the tire and spray painted it and it started looking a bit better. The big break came when our attention was drown to a 7 meter drift wood log which we dragged from the Mati beach into our garden a year before. The idea was born! Eureka! Εύρηκα! We decided to lift one side of this log and support the lifted end on an olive tree. Thus a picturesque climbing path was created. The beginning of everything…Yes a picturesque path can be a beginning of everything…SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCFrom then on things just started falling into right place. We have found an endless source of tires in all sizes (even traktor size…an advantage of living in a rural area) and once we cleaned and painted these tires we lined them up in a serpentine shape from small size to largest leading to the tree and thus creating a second path. The ropes hanging here and there helped the climbers to keep their balance on the log and the tallest tires. We placed a large tire on a tree making a nest, a resting spot, a miniature tree house and we closed it off on the botton with a wooden piece as if it had a floor. Then we created a third way of approach-a climbing wall made from an old wooden kitchen top. One more opening was left on the tree. The kids were overwhelmed when we announced to them that one of their godfathers bought them a slide to give a final touch to the project!


Creating the playground from scratch turned out to be the best choice and a really fun project. The kids participated in every step of its creation and had time to explore and to get happy with every new element: the swing, the driftwood log path, the tire path, the tire nest, the climing wall and the slide. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCRelated articles across the web

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  1. Vassiliki Lazarou

    Your playground is simply amazing. What a place to live, and more than that to be a child. Congratulations for your choice. For sure is better than the playgrounds in Greenwich Village. VL

  2. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

    Dear Vassiliki, I see that you have also read my post entitled “room with a view/the price of beauty”. Thank you so much for your interest! Yes I believe that growing up on an olive tree is a privilege!

  3. Laura Zamani

    I would love to see a tutorial on how to do this. Your idea of a playground is groundbreaking and on top of it, it looks gorgeous!

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Hello Laura, Unfortunately I have not photographed the making of the playground step by step so I tried to describe the process in the post.
      Thank you for your positive feedback!


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