My Messinia

Happy Holidays with the Messinian Creche

DSC_0051psbA few weeks ago I got lost on the country roads of an unknown to me area of olive plantations…there were sounds of harvesting coming from afar…following those familiar sounds I have found myself in front of a radiant woman who was kneeling on the nets over a crop of olives …she gave me directions to find my way to the main road…I told her how beautiful she was and I asked her if I could take some photos of her…she agreed timidly…at that moment her husband, who harvested nearby, looked at her with a fierce admiration and than he resumed his shores…as I was taking some photos of the woman her companion lifted, with a sharp move, the nets behind her like a veil, while she looked at the fruit lying at her knees as if she was trying to tell me…it is not me…but this!…and for a brief moment the most moving nativity scene took form in front of me…live nativity scene… full of symbolisms, beauty and wisdom…a glimpse of Eternity.

These glimpses of Eternity and Harmony and a are always around us to give many dimensions to our lives. I wish for peace and serenity, love and health for every living being!

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