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Τhe tragic beauty of forsaken shipwrecks

A shipwreck "Dimitrios" in Peloponnese near Gythio

A shipwreck “Dimitrios” in Peloponnese near Gythio•

One of the most  beautiful organic forms created by man is that of a boat. It is a nest, a womb, an embrace. Every year the fishing boats are coated with new layers of protective paint and as the colors peel away fantastic rich textures are revealed. When the boat has to be retrieved it is usually cut into halves and then smaller pieces and taken away to a landfill. Instead beautiful things could be made from such pieces.1DSCF6111mm

Below I am also posting photos of an abandoned fishing boat I once admired in Lavrio harbor. It is a series of photos which were to serve as a part of a video material for a song written for me by Mimis Plessas with lyrics of a Greek painter Nikos Eggonopoulos. A haunting song about the poet Kostantinos Kavafis ..but the video clip was never made and I have this wonderful series of images and portraits with a boat long destroyed, a boat like a theatrical set with anatropaic eyes and amazing colors and Arabic scriptures which evoke Kavafis’ Alexandria.
Σύντομος Βιογραφία
του Ποιητού Kωνσταντίνου Kαβάφη
(και του καθενός μας – άλλωστε)
..δεν έχει πλοίο για σε, δεν έχει οδό.
H πόλιςνταλγκαδιασμένος και βαρύς
γυρνάει τα στενορρύμια
της πολιτείας της άχαρης
που τρώει τα σωθικά του
σ’ αυτήν εδώ γεννήθηκε
σ’ αυτή θε ν’ αποθάνη
εδώ πίκρες τον πότισαν κρουνηδόν
εδώ τον βασανίσαν
μόνος του
πίστεψε -φορές-
πως τη χαράν ευρήκε σπανίως
κάποτε θέλησε κι’ αυτός
κάπου μακρυά να φύγη
μα εκατέβη στο γιαλό
και δεν είχε καράβι

DSCF42713mmDSCF4878ammDSCF4846mmDSCF47991ammDSCF4762 copymmDSCF4306mmDSCF49371mmDSCF4864ammDSCF4282mmDSCF4850ammDSCF4161ammDSCF4192mm*more about Dimitrios shipwreck…(Christos Ntounis in his book “Ta Navagia stis Ellinikes thalasses (1950-2000)” – “The shipwrecks of the Greek seas” writes that the ship emergency docked to the port of Gythio on 4 December 1980 because its captain needed access to a hospital due to a serious illness. However, after the ship’s docking, financial problems arose with the crew as well as various engine problems, coupled with insurance measures imposed by various lenders. The crew was then fired and the ship’s safeguarding was assigned to Georgios Daniil and Vasilis Parigoris.The ship was side docked to the port of Gythio, where it remained until June 1981 when it was declared unsafe due to wear on the docking ropes and an incline to the right because of water entering its hull.The port authorities asked for the ship to be moved to an anchoring site outside the port of Gythio for safety reasons, but the owners did not respond until the following November. It is stated in the book that “on approximately 12:30 pm on the 9th of November 1981 the ship was swept away to the sea, about 2 miles away due to severe weather conditions and it was temporary anchored”. But the temporary anchorage did not last for long as the ship was swept away again and finally stranded at its current location on the beach of Valtaki, about 3 miles northeast of Gythio. The ship was then simply abandoned there and no attempts were made to recover it).

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    The magical world people create when decorating their houses for Christmas. Ivanhoe, Eltham, Burwood, so many suburbs around Melbourne throughout December have lights out. It isn’t a long drive to spot peoples’ efforts to decorate their house and share the joy of Christmas. I say thank you to all those who take the time and effort to put their lights up outside instead of inside, or in their backyards, to create a wonderland for everyone, young and yotur-at-heagn. Thank you.


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