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A dream come true!

One of my dreams just came true: We have an age-old olive tree in our yard!!!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCWe have been looking for a tree like that for a long time and this one has been saved from being chopped for stove wood as a two-lane road is being constructed in the area and the tree stood in its way (unfortunately many trees are doomed to be destroyed as transplanting them is complicated and can be quite costly). Moving it to our home was quite an adventure filled with continuous suspense: moments such as shaking it so its roots break and let go, sounds of wood cracking and thinking that the tree will break in two, loading its 8 tons weight on a truck and driving it like a statue to our home fearing that its height might bring down the electricity cables, putting it down in hour garden and positioning it in its spot…. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC Now as it sits in our garden the suspense is not over. Wr are concerned now if the tree will manage to re-establish itself…will be anxiously waiting for signs that its growth. All we can do now is watering the tree so the earth fills all the cavities (the air pockets) under the tree and we are treating its “wounds” with vordigalio polto or galazopetra- an iron based paste helping to heal the bark and keep the fungi away.SAMSUNG CSCWe are keeping our hopes high as this is the best season for transplanting and olive trees are very resilient.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC


I love this tree so much!SAMSUNG CSC

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  1. Scott

    What a magnificent tree, monumental karma to you ! There is a very old Banyan Tree in Key West, grown from a fig, it’s aerial roots flow from branches to earth, thicken and become indistinguishable from its trunk. The roots entangled sections of an old brick ruin. Unfortunately, the remains of the mansion were leveled and became a flat cement parking. However, the tree with its entangled bricks was spared! A bronze tablet by the tree reads: Anything that clings so tenaciously to life deserves to live.
    Olive Tree fantastic, you are a unique! Luv, Scott

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Hello Scott, I tried to google the Banyan Tree you wrote about…I think I have found it…It is towering over a brick made gate…amazing…here in Messinia there are still Olive Trees which are 4 times the size of my new olive tree friend…but they cannot be transported easily and I would have to literally demolish the garden gate to fit in any larger tree. This one is just right. I love this one…tending to it every day…looking for the signs of recovery…best…and thank you for the comment…K.


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