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Let it shine! Α touch of yellow

Picnic among blooming sorrel flowers

Picnic among blooming sorrel flowers

The seasons’ changes are not so noticeable in the ever green olive tree valley as the main elements of the landscape here, olive trees and cypresses, do not shed their leaves, yet  spring has arrived in full bloom here in Messinia. The indication of changes come from nature’s sounds, aromas and from under the trees-from the ground: lush yellow sorrel flowers and grass in winter, yellow sorrel flowers (ξινοτριφυλλο, οξαλιδα) , anemones, margaritas and poppies in spring and dried up ground with only aromatic herbs left: mountain tea, salvia, oregano, rosemary etc. in the summer and early autumn, and lavender wild cyclamens and new grass in late autumn.

So since winter time we have been living with a touch of yellow!
What a joyful, unexpected element nature presents us with! So a touch of yellow must be a great idea! 

This is my first post which is related to interior design. I love style which is eclectic, free spirited, transcendent, poetic, rustic but with urban memories, with humorous and unexpected use of common objects which from ordinary makes them extraordinary and vice versa, a bit bohemian, a bit ethnic and still not too clattered. I basically love objects which echo timeless values and remind us of relativity of things and remind us who we humans are…a place where dreams meet reality.AG3

villa myko3f844fe890be1eb828ff159002107da45yellowlampclaesson5cc4715fd9ad4e4a6f114c217ad216ca

Picnic among olive trees and sorrel flowers

Picnic among olive trees and sorrel flowers

FIREPLACE-600x9156a00d8358081ff69e201a3fce62c4c970b-800wiFurniture shootin my house

5526f23cab673e0321335835542d20c9malm_1b6a00d8341c5df753ef01774296a7b7970dtumblr_m90td66gqQ1r081g3o1_500973ce39fb0e84455df6736a11ad10430et-hop-une-touche-de-couleur-sur-le-mur_46365328858e0b4f7d521e26c046fc3f27e11a47b8bb26964d5911cc31a1c34ffe210e7My sources: 1. White interior with blue and yellow bench 2. Greek interior on Simi island 3. I love everything about this interior including the yellow chair 4. Yellow industrial lamp 5. Caoch with yellow accent pillows

6. Yellow mantel 7. Yellow mismatched chairs via “Α Beautiful Mess” blog 8. Yellow sofa 9. Yellow chair in a cool home office from “La Maison d’Anna B.”blog 10. Yellow accent pillow on a great coach 11. Yellow door 12. Yellow radiator 13. Yellow painting 14. Yellow bench with 15. Yellow wall 16. Yellow accent stool in a dark blue room 17. Cutest yellow mini stool

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