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Maiden voyage “Marathos-Proti”

The fishermen of Marathopolis gathered that evening at the harbor to help with the first launch of a new fishing boat. Βy the time the boat was tolled to the tiny sea port the sun was almost down. It was the spectacular cloudy sunset which led me to them.DSC_0087otv

I have watched thε boat being made from scratch by Spiros, our local carpenter…first at his workshop and then literally next door in a large stone storage where the body of the boat has been put together. It has taken around 3 years of spare time to complete it. DSC_0080DSC_0134otvDSC_0177otvDSC_0125otvDSC_0186psDSC_0141otv

Spiros and his brother Argiris grew up on a fishing boat helping their father Kostas. Argiris continues the trade now and Spiros, after spending many years on land as a carpenter has evolved into being a boatwright by a sheer longing for the sea.DSC_0167 otvDSC_0180otvDSC_0188psotvDSC_0235otvDSC_0190otvThe bοαt was named ΚΩΣΤΑΣ Κ. in honor of his father Kostas and the mysterious extra K. stands for his nickname “Kokaliaris” meaning rawboned.DSC_0315otvThe maiden voyage was done on the route from Marathopoli to the island of Proti and back to the port where the fishermen friends were lingering on willing to help if something might go wrong…

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