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Just sharing some of my photo-thoughts of 2018. It was a year which has brought me close to music again and thanks to my concerts I have travelled extensively in Greece. I also have had my first photography exhibition which for me was an unexpected yet very fulfilling experience…

DSC_0469πσοτωDSC_0148psotvDSC_0223otvSAM_1618οτωDSC_0603otvSAMSUNG CSCDSC_0814otvDSC_0105 1otvDSC_0385psotvDSC_0684cDSC_0865psotvDSC_0411πσotvDSC_0071cotvDSC_0390psotvDSC_0970πσotvDSC_0766otvDSC_0561psοτωDSC_0045uotvDSC_0355otvDSC_0160psotvDSC_0114cotv1 DSC_0071οτωDSC_0107psotvDSC_0016otvDSC_0064cotvDSC_0709DSC_0525otv     DSC_0028ps DSC_0042otv  DSC_0292psotv DSC_0075psotv DSC_0084otvDSC_0259pscοτωDSC_0032otv copySAM_1412psotvDSC_0678οτωDSC_0126otvDSC_0143otvDSC_0238otvDSC_0325psotv DSC_0088psotv DSC_0091οτω DSC_0367otvDSC_0092otv   DSC_0167otv  DSC_0993οτω DSC_0233psotv DSC_0238οτω DSC_0248 DSC_0293otv DSC_0321ps2otv DSC_03vb53otvDSC_0034πσοτω  DSC_0389οτω DSC_0439otv DSC_0439πσotv  DSC_0016otv    DSC_0615otv  DSC_0691otv DSC_0750otv    my first photo exhibition

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