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New Year’s surfing at the Lagouvardos beach

dsc_0570cotvNew Year’ holidays spent riding the waves seem a great option for many, locals and those who come from distant parts of Greece to Lagouvardos. It is a beautifuly positioned beach with the most frequent waves in Greece. It is famous among the surfing enthusiasts who can access it conveniently by car as opposed to other few surf island beaches in Greece.dsc_0609otvdsc_0599otvdsc_0706otvddsc_0496cotv

It is always quite a sight to see so many people in the winter waters while the beach is holding memories from her summer visitorsdsc_0699otvdsc_0494otvMessinia has an endless list of  beaches and they are all so diverse in their size and sand quality from very light white sands, through golden, little pebbles and volcanic rocks. Lagouvardos is one of those ‘golden’ sandy beaches and it stretches for two kilometers having rock formations on either side and it is surrounded by pine tree forest.dsc_0708cotvdsc_0725otvdsc_0719otvIt is one of the Kyparissia gulf beaches where the sea turtles caretta-caretta make their nests. During the summer months there is a surf rental and surf school (Beachbreak Lagouvardos) operating on the beach and a canteen/bar opens with umbrellas and sunbeds. There are also showers and cabins to change.The beach is located 2 km north of Marathoupoli, a picturesque fishing village with many taverns, shops etc and with lovely views of the island Proti. It is only 5 km away from the town of Gargalianoi.dsc_0585cotvdsc_0635otv …Is he falling or waving goodbye to the Old Year 2016?dsc_0617cotv

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