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Oikos I-Palmela, Portugal

I am creating a category called OIKOS (which in ancient Greek means household, home or family) with homes and their interiors which in my opinion aesthetically fit my olive tree valley: residences and beach homes from Messinia and from all over the world with predominantly rustic Mediterranean character and surprising twists: be it modern, bohemian, chic, eclectic etc. I do like modern architecture but it is successful only when it makes a worthwhile “artistic statement” and it has to consider so many factors to really work that very rarely it actually does, meanwhile rustic/traditional houses are aesthetically “safer”. They are organic and by the use of natural materials they do not disturb their environment but integrate.600x750x400_1_2g.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jQu9Uty2K-I love this small holiday home nested in the portuguese countryside. The old house has been renovated with many elements kept intact: whitewashed walls, wooden painted ceilings and a gabled roof are complemented by raw and simple looking polished concrete floors. The eclectic interior has been created with the guidance of the interior designer Monica Penaguião of Poeira Estudio-Tienda who gives sophisticated and worldly touches to the the already existing aesthetics springing from agricultural origins of the construction. The interior also has sought comfort in the spaces eliminating excessive compartmentalization to bind environments. The result is definitely cosmopolitan, cultured and relaxed at this same time (via


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