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Oikos VIII-RIKI-Greek “nuveau” tavern dressed up for holidays-Marathoupoli

RIKI is a Mediterranean/Greek cuisine tavern located on the beachfront of a fishing village of Marathoupoli. It has been a new and outstanding addition to the food and leisure experience offered in Messinia.dsc_0248otvdsc_0230otv It was a “talk of the town” from the first day it opened 4 years ago for its relaxed, artsy and “handmade” environment, revisited traditional flair, its excellent cuisine and attentive customer service. One of the indoor spaces is dedicated solely to the smallest customers (a service rarely provided in Greek eateries) with plenty of toys, books and crafts to keep them occupied. During summer months the owners provide a nanny service free of charge who tends to the kids’ activities while their parents are dining. It is an excellent choice for those who want to experience Greek cuisine at its best and in the best way!dsc_0258otvdsc_0260otvdsc_0180otvFrom Easter and on the tavern opens up its equally charming outdoor space which is almost “touching” the sea and overlooking the island of Proti. I really love this place for its delectable dishes and the owners’ care to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

dsc_0167otvdsc_0197otvdsc_0236otvdsc_0184otvdsc_02080tvdsc_0218otvdsc_0188ps-copyI have been planning to present “RIKI” for a while as I knew and was taken by their “summer look” but when I passed by during the holidays I found their combination of traditional Greek and international Christmas imagery plus the holiday atmosphere irresistible.



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