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Oikos XI-My springtime muse “Gargalianoi-Havana”

As I was looking at T MAGAZINE presentation of a renovated Vededo neighborhood Havana home I have recalled immediately my recent visits to some of the interiors in our neighborhood and hometown Gargalianoi in search of an office space. There are so many similarities between the Greek neoclassical and Havana mid-twentieth century architecture: high ceilings, spiral staircases, vaulted passages, floor tiles….The major difference is on the surface-THE COLORS!!!Screen shot 2017-03-28 at 11.20.32 AMScreen shot 2017-03-28 at 11.21.53 AMScreen shot 2017-03-28 at 11.22.42 AMScreen shot 2017-03-28 at 11.21.06 AMScreen shot 2017-03-28 at 11.22.05 AMNow I just want to go back now to those Grargalianoi homes and give them a major paint job…for the sake of spring!!!

For a long time I have been admiring interiors of Havana homes through the eyes of a wonderful American photographer Michael Eastman and today on this luminous spring day I have finally found a whimsical connection between his work and our region!!! The following photographs belong to his 3 series Havana 1999-2002Havana 2010 and Havana 2014IMG_5611IMG_5605IMG_5606IMG_5617IMG_5615IMG_5627IMG_5614IMG_5609IMG_5632IMG_5608IMG_5623IMG_5628IMG_5625IMG_5637IMG_5642IMG_5633Guide to interior Cuban style

  • Folk Art: Cuba is an island full of makers. This is a culture that has had to learn to recycle, up-cycle — making due with limited resources.
  • Cement Tiles: Like the folk art, handmade cement tiles are produced on the island and are as popular as they have been since the early 20th century.
  • Colors: Think vivid Pastels: Blue, Saffron, Pink, Green. Think Latin American colors with a twist
  • Tropical Plants: I mean, c’mon — you’d think Cuban’s invented the Jungalow look!
  • Midcentury and Art Deco: Antiques, ephemera and replicas fill these spaces with enviable charm.IMG_5641IMG_5618IMG_5629IMG_5635IMG_5607



Comments (2)

  1. michael eastman

    thanks for the nice facebook note… i appreciate it…
    would love to photograph in your area of the world…
    are there lots of locations with that peeling paint on the wall like your examples on your blog…would be very interested in exploring an idea of a greek shoot…
    all best

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Dear Michael, Thank you for your news…and for allowing me to post your striking photos from Cuba…Actually I was hoping for you to ask me about Greek locations seeing in your photos your love for the Southern Europe. Yes there are interiors with peeling paints in Greece…I know for certainty about the villages and small cities on the island of Chios which had very vibrant colors…and I will ask for more information on the subject my photographer friends…In Messinia there might be some in the regions capital-Kalamata. I will let you know soon…All the best…Klaudia


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