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Oikos XIV-“Oasis” on the path to oasis

The beach known as Mati or Golden Coast (Chrisi Akti) with location close to Gargalianoi and Marathoupoli stretches over 3 km and hosts various settings from fashionable Koa Bar beach, Costa Navarino resort villas to “home made” bamboo cabanas where local families spend the summer days…The beach is so long that it leaves space for all of them to coexist and still appear quite empty…!DSC_0293otvSome areas do not have amenities making them ideal for those of you that would prefer to avoid crowds. You will be able to find shade under the trees that run along the edge of the beach.

Those seeking tranquility stay on the part of the beach close to Oasis Beach Bar…hidden within the olive grove and separated from the beach by a pine forest.DSC_0309otvDSC_0317otvDSC_0313otvDSC_0353otvDSC_0346otvDSC_0310cotvDSC_0324otvDSC_0331otvDSC_0360otvDSC_0332otvDSC_0354otvThe bar has taken its current form 8 years ago but the owners have been present on the beach for the last 20 years running a canteen first. It really is an oasis…densely planted with exotic plans and a collage of various spaces small and large, from beach to living room, greek village to cuban bar styles. There is a large parking space right outside the bar so your passage to the final destination, the beach oasis, is smoother too….DSC_0365otv

Oasis upon oasis…DSC_0306otvDSC_0392otvDSC_0301otvDSC_0398otvDSC_0224otvDSC_0291otv



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