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Precious Driftwood

IMG_6603formma-copyDriftwood: whitewashed logs and branches: smooth, hardened by salt and scorched by sun during their sea voyage transform from their common form to something which can be perceived as one of a kind.LA-00203f4f4d6eb2137ea6ddbe63b38379664d5 In some ways, in far fetched parallel, driftwood reminds me of ancient Greek sculptures, so precious, even so more enticing to our contemporary esthetics as we encounter them today “imperfect”, deformed by time and stripped from their true color as if not only the talent of their creators matters but as if their beauty has been highlighted also by the passing time and hardships they have been through.

Taking walks on the beaches after winter storms and spring showers can be quite rewarding. Driftwood pieces lie here and there and make every walk a sheer treasure hunt. I have found the prettiest pieces of driftwood on the long Mati beach and the Navarino Bay beaches.

Mati beach, Messinia

Mati beach, Messinia

Many interesting pieces of driftwood found way to our home, from tiny serpentine like to a largest 7meter long which served us so well at the olive tree playground.

I believe that one can use only a few pieces of driftwood in decorating a house as it is just so easy to “cross the line” and go from a bohemian look to a “witch’s hut” look.
I have chosen a few examples of using driftwood as house decor which I find very imaginative and dreamy.

0500f240ba904047eeff9a8e9f552ff3abc988124288b1da70615cca79240588ff333b9f8ae38d5fc51fd93a11b19f6d162704e7de48e7e82ee919616e00f97e0175969d2a4a6da3572fb22dd27cc2a5SAMSUNG CSCIMG_6642mmMy sources: 1. Gialova lagoon-Divari beach-Messinia 2. Fantastic desk 3. Best ladder and great wall 4. Mati beach 5. Simple branches on the wall 6. Simple bathroom with a funky mirror 7.  So much better looking staircase 8. “Can’t get enough of trees” decor 9. Spiral lamp 10. My own chandelier paired with a driftwood 11. Gialova lagoon-Divari beach-Messinia

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  2. Barani

    Love the design & color of the tiles. Never knew there was such a thing as a bulb auger, but it does sound neat. I used to enjoy brinsowg at home improvement stores when I had a house (many years ago), but apartment living doesn’t really give me a reason for it anymore. But give me a craft store (Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, etc) and I’m in heaven. ;DBarb in TX

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment…you can make of an apartment a great place…considering that you have less space to handle!!


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