My Messinia

Samarina the bride

Among olive trees and vines, encompassed by flowing springs, like a jewel in a verdant setting Samarina appears…DSC_0423

Since I saw her for the first time, many years ago, her image stayed with me always this same, being more like a human being than a church structure, more like a woman; alive, harmonious and serene than just walls of marble, brick and stone. I prefer to look at her, my remote sanctuary, from afar with all her dimensions clear so to admire the way she commands and simultaneously hides within her surroundings.

This time as I was standing in-between two ancient cypresses, still, like a cypress myself, just watching her from the hill…I heard a few calls coming from below, a female voice and a joyful laughter.DSC_0315sI descended and found nobody but the church wide open for the first time for me to enter…And as I came in, a little sky unlocked right above me-a dome of 1000 years.DSC_0381s…and I looked around with awe and then walked out into the sun ….and there she was …the silent bride of a joyful laughter.DSC_0351


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