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Shores of no return

About a week ago, before the autumn showers took over Messinia, my husband sent me a link to a local news post with photos of sand sculptures which have emerged on a shore of Gialova and which apparently have been created by unnamed artists. They were so moving that I drove by Gialova on the next morning wanting to see them and being urged to act rather quickly as they were fragile and would not hold up for long.

Not knowing the exact location of the sculptures I first turned to the beach front of the village and its calm bay waters.dsc_0893otv I asked several passersby if they  encountered the sculptures but nobody has even heard about them. So then I drove by the Divari beach at the Gialova lagoon and made multiple stops along this very long beach walking back and forth searching for their location. The day has abruptly turned into moody and windy with sporadic sunny spells among gathering clouds. Coincidentally my listening tracks were the soul-tearing Karol Szymanowski’s “3 Fragments from poems of Jan Kasprowicz” which perfectly epitomized the tragic forms I was searching for. (1.Jestem i placze, 2.Swiety Boze, 3.Piesn wieczorna)

I walked then drove and listened and then stopped the car and walked again and meanwhile taking some “foggy” photos of boats rushing to harbors and driftwood piles on my way but I have not found the sculptures, not in the morning nor on the afternoon when I returned to Gialova to continue my quest.dsc_0951otvdsc_0944otvdsc_0968otv So  eventually I have never reached the spot where the withered bodies of those tortured by life and by their fellowmen were washed ashore. I was spared to come face to face with their fate… and their defeat…as they inevitably succumbed bewildered to the unleashed series of events, beyond imagination, beyond control, which swept them away like an angry sea and brought them to shores of no return.

14572471_10208607310074852_305680158_o-1-x14536665_10208624624707707_2081195820_o14550858_10208624624907712_135187088_o14550917_10208624624587704_598088904_o14585653_10208624625027715_146275425_o14614345_10208624624867711_1642739698_o14551000_10208624624227695_1165921552_o-xPhotos of the sand sculptures by Popi Charitou were copied from the quoted article…


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