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“Smertopoulia” hit again

“Smertopoulia” (local name for starlings) visit the skies so often these days and luckily for me, as I am stuck at home with many pending jobs, they pass over our house too. These shots are taken from my very balcony…IMG_5188mmIMG_5189mmIMG_5209mmIMG_5187 copymm

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  1. Stephanie

    I would say the grove in the second pcrtuie is a famous group of cypresses which one can find in the Val d’Orcia, next to the road. A search for “trees+valdorcia” in Google Images provides with several pics which don’t totally confirm my opinion, but in some sense I find it wonderful being able to locate a place with so little context. Such is the power of an icon.

    1. Klaudia Delmer (Post author)

      Hello Stephanie, Yes you are very right…I checked “trees+Val’Orcia” as you suggested and in fact I very often think of Messinia as “Uncombed Tuscany” and there are places here which totally remind of Tuscany but without all this beautiful Renaissance! And yes the icon/image is extremely powerful, right after music I suppose…Thank you for your interest!!!


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