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The Battle of Navarino

SONY DSCOn the 20th of October 1827 the final act of the Greek war of independence took place in one of the largest natural harbours of  the world, Pylos, which by the time was called Navarino. A naval engagement brought the allied fleet of Britain, France and Russia into conflict with the Turkish – Egyptian fleet. History determines that the battle of Navarino became the last major naval battle that was exclusively fought with sailing ships, although most ships fought at anchor. Many artists have been compelled to depict the battle…

I post the painting of George Phillip Reinagle who was an eyewitness of the battlenavarinoI drive by the Navarino Bay once a week always staring towards the horizon…a few years ago there was a sunken modern boat at the bay reminding constantly of the innumerable ships sunken at the bottom of the sea…and at times the dramatical sunsets echo the fires of the battle.SONY DSCSONY DSC


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