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The Battle of Navarino and the French or LA BATAILLE NAVALE DE NAVARIN

DSC_0982otvEvery year on October 20th this same ritual  takes place in Pylos on the Navarino Bay which commemorates the Battle of Navarino (1827). it is a part of many events which usually take place from the 18th till the 21st of October. DSC_0962psotvDSC_0851DSC_0958otvThe National delegates as well as the officials of France, Russia and Great Britain, who were the allies of Greece against the Ottomans in this battle, part on the boats taking wreaths to the monuments corresponding to each country and  which are located within the bay.DSC_0814otv The boats part simultaneously from the port and take with them the officials and the public. Last year I embarked on the boat heading towards Fanari (Tripito) island where a marble obelisque stands in memory of the French marines who fought here for Greece. DSC_0733otvDSC_0920otvThe French squadron fought under the command of Admiral Henry de Rigny with seven ships (most of them with Greek names): Breslaw, Scipion, Trident, Sirene, Armide, Alcyone and Daphne.DSC_0796otvDSC_0778otvDSC_0800otvDSC_0905otvThe bay has been named as one the most beautiful in the world. It is an amazing experience to sail in its peaceful waters surrounded by so much beauty knowing that in this very sanctuary like basin the battle has been fought with over 6000 casualties in total.DSC_0868psotvDSC_0609cotv


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