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The final cut….or a “garden of Eden”

DSC_0101otvOlive trees… the oldest fruit bearing trees on earth…trees which can feed one generation after the other for thousands of years…growing more beautiful with every year of their existence…revered…patient…constant…the bearers of the heritage of Mediterranean culture.DSC_0064otv

It is heartbreaking to see them cut into pieces, especially when then they are fed into a fireplace…

In Messinia there are still so many age-old trees that we have gotten used to them, there are “too many” of them to be unique.

I dream that these old trees, if not wanted by their owner, could be transferred to a designated area and become a precious olive garden…a living sanctuary of local history and culture…a fruit bearing monument which has a potential of withstanding thousands of years…

Usually the tress are sold for the price of wood which is not too high but the problem and the big costs come with transplanting and transportation and this could be taken care of by the respective regional district, meanwhile the trees could be paid for from a specially created fund.

Each little town in Messinia could have a priceless garden like that…just imagine….  DSC_0081otvDSC_004otv5DSC_0098otvDSC_0028otvDSC_0069otvDSC_0085otvDSC_0018otv

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