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IMG_6152mmThis  “May,1 ” post is not to welcome the flowers but rather to start saying goodbye to them. In Messinia the climate is very warm and humid throughout the year. There are some specific flowers in wintertime and many new “spring” types appear on the ground already in February and as the weather gets very warm in May they slowly dry out. Here we weave flower head wreaths on May,1 as in many other countries and we hang them on our entrance doors but with this tradition here in Messinia we “pretend” to say hello to spring while in essence we say goodbye. Now there is yet one more glorious moment to enjoy with the appearance of my favorite flowers ever…poppies… before all the pretty flowers give way to herbs and and then the focus shifts to spending time at the seaside and remains as such till the end of September…SAMSUNG CSCIMG_6172mmsSAMSUNG CSC


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