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These boots are made for walking in Messinia

SAMSUNG CSC…just a few amazing memories and one practical thought after visiting a breathtaking gorge and waterfalls located in vicinity of the village of Valta.

SAMSUNG CSCSometimes it takes even a few years to a city person like me to fully recognize the needs which come up while living in the countryside. One such a real need is the adjustment of the wardrobe and acquirement of other type of shoes from those you used to wear all your life till now…In Messinia where the winters are rainy, “tropical” kind of rainy with sudden heavy showers and a lot of sunshine, you definitely need at least 2 pairs of tall rain boots, one pair for the garden shores and one… “good”  pair for “going out”. Then you need a pair of hiking boots for winter and one pair of lighter hiking shoes or hiking sandals for summer as one of the main attractions here is taking strolls in olive tree forests and exploring all the magical, sometimes sandy sometimes steep, places around. I have destroyed many shoes before realizing the urgent need for at least a one pair of durable and comfortable rain boots. So far I only have a pair of cute but unrepairable, cracked, therefore practically useless, yellow wellies.

IMG_5991mmI looked up the rain boot “specialists” from all over the world: established historical brands and lesser known cute worthwhile designs and I came up with the selection below. I chose mostly classical tall boots and although I adore swirled, comic strip, floral patterns I opted for solid colors as most of my clothing is on already patterned enough…on a very boho side.securedownloadmm

1. Hunter boots 2. Roper boots 3. Kamik boots 4. Aigle boots 5. Dav boots 6. Chooka boots 7. Le Chameau boots 8. Bogs bootsSAMSUNG CSC


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