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Unexpected, fleeting and enchanting-Chez Isolde

DSC_1267οτωDSC_1291οτω…I have just returned from a tourne with the ensemble Euphonia playing a series of ENTECHNO Greek music concerts in Germany and Switzerland. Our rehearsals took place in Munich where two musicians from our group live permanently.

Shimmering gold leaves were scattered everywhere on the streets of Munich and one night these autumn cloaked paths have led us to the glowing table set by Isolde. (check out her outstanding Instagram profile with great photos here). Isolde has set up a party for her friends, all violinists (like her), of various nationalities, playing with the Munich Opera Orchestra. They were celebrating their return home from a tournee in Japan. So for the occasion she has prepared elaborate Japanese dishes and desserts…DSC_1313otvDSC_1331otv…among them something quite exotic, being Japanese, and rather complicated …a dessert with nashi pear in ginger sake syrup with matcha ice cream and lime ginger cookies…(you can contact Isolde for the recipe here)DSC_1319otv

DSC_1302otvMy friend Katerina (who is a cellist and a member of Euphonia) has invited me to meet Isolde and to drop by her party to say hello (we were not up to a long stay being quite tired from reaharsing all day and with morning rehearsal on the next day),…

The “hello” lasted a while and it was a very delicious “hello”…and then came a “goodbye and thank you” with a Greek traditional song (one of my favorite ones…you can listen to it here) which I wanted to share with this group of truly amazing people with graceful hands and high tuned ears….(I wish I have photographed more of their hands and less on the matcha icecream…what was I thinking?)DSC_1338otvDSC_1330otvDSC_1341οτωDSC_1333otvIt has been a “hello” worth remembering! Thank you Isolde for this fairytale moment!!! Now it is gone with the leaves…….DSC_1249οτωDSC_1265οτω

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