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“Messinia Wild”- Oasis with magnificent birds of prey

DSC_0535 1psAmazing morning spent with magnificent birds of prey.Today we took part in preparations for the opening of a very unique initiative organized by nature loving “Messinia Wild” team and hosted by Costa Navarino at its premises. Within a few days anyone: be it a local or a visitor, can get to know some of winged representatives of Messinian wild life up close. In a lush forest nook one can learn about the raptors life in Messinia, see the birds in their natural environment and come as close as to hold them on arm and observe them close in their flight. A moving and unique experience for adults and children alike.DSC_0560 2olv

We have arrived to  Navarino Dunes (Costa Navarino) around noon with the sun up high scorching and we followed the route towards the quarters of the “Messinia Wild”. As we entered the forest we found ourselves in a shadowed and peaceful oasis. DSC_0472 2otvThere we met with Giorgos Giorgakopoulos and Matina Palli and their team Ilias and Penny and then, equally magnificent, Artemis (an eagle), Dias (an eagleowl), Hermes( a hawk) and the baby beauty Aphodite (a white owl).DSC_0663 2πσotv

DSC_0451 2 copyDSC_0660 2otvIt was amazing to be around these unreachable birds which you can only admire from afar, usually passing by high and fast. We came as close as caressing their wings and ther chests. Looking into the eyes of those birds is an indescribable feeling…there is depth, intensity and the unknown in the gaze yet they are so responsive and affectionate with those who attend to them lovingly everyday and amicable to the people like us, mere visitors, who have come with respect to meet them.DSC_0671 2cropotvDSC_0459 2pscropotvDSC_0567 2otvDSC_0609 2psotvDSC_0429 2psotvDSC_0624 2otvDSC_0427 2ps


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